What makes our culture?

Diversity. The people of Zip Berkeley come from all different backgrounds. We do all have the same mindset of being “successful,” although the definition changes from person to person. Zip Berkeley built a foundation off of being fearless in the pursuit of one’s goals. Our culture encourages each individual to set their own goals, and gives them the tools to far surpass them. We are a team that holds each other accountable in having high integrity. Wanting to be actively involved together outside of the office is the result of a work hard, play hard mentality.

What goes on in our four walls? 

We create an atmosphere unlike any other. This positivity is a natural result of recognizing our peers on a daily basis. Dynamic is not only a verb for our colorful environment, but can also be used to describe our fun morning meetings. To be the sharpest in the industry, developing and maintaining a student mentality is the key; we encourage this daily. To be the best, you need to be surrounded by the best. Networking internationally and nationally at conferences and seminars ensures we are the brightest and always pushing our own limits.

If tomorrow is Monday, what are your thoughts?

Imagine looking forward to coming to work. Our culture is not only what sets us apart from other companies, but we have such an upbeat atmosphere it is hard not to feel motivated. An added bonus is being surrounded by goal-oriented driven peers who you actually enjoy spending time with. Zip Berkeley is always looking for individuals to grow with our team. Get a hold of us if want to further your career, expand your current skill set, or switch things up.


Kai Petrich – CEO/President – USA Branches
Dylan Miller – Director of Communications