25 Feb

Zip Berkeley Look at Executing Strategies Effectively


One of the most staggering statistics that have come to light is the fact that almost 90% of all business strategies never make it all the way through to implementation. For one reason or another, business strategies seem to fall by the wayside and sometimes this is a horrible loss because that strategy was absolutely brilliant. Here, Zip Berkeley look at executing strategies effectively based on research and a proven track record of success.

“The first step in implementing a strategy,” says Kai Petrich, Zip Berkeley’s director, “is to come up with ideas. All strategies are based on an idea, a vision of what ‘could be.’ This vision needs to be defined clearly so that others can ‘see’ what you are seeing to make it easier to ensure their participation. Once stakeholders believe in your idea, they become engaged. With their participation, it is so much easier to implement strategies you build from that initial idea.”

This is where the actual strategy takes form. There is an idea, a vision for the future and people to help execute the strategy. Unfortunately, without a plan of action, the strategy will soon fall apart. Now it is time to look at how to put the idea and vision into action. This means investing time and money into the project.

Putting all these into perspective is often referred to as synthesizing the project so that it is aligned with the company’s portfolio. It needs to be in keeping with the direction in which the company is moving and here is often where the strategy begins to fall apart. Unless you have clearly defined the vision, it is next to impossible to align the initial idea with the direction in which the company is going forward. Fortunately, by engaging stakeholders, you can easily develop an effort with contributions from members. What you may lack in vision, another may ‘see,’ and so on.

Execution of strategies is all about taking them from that initial concept to the stage where everyone has a role to play. Leaders need to be synthesizers so that they can put all the parts together as they move forward and that is how strategies are effectively executed. Unless there is a clearly defined idea, a future vision, key players engaged in the strategy and a leader who is able to synthesize all these parts, most strategies fall apart before they see the light of day. Zip Berkeley has used this system of executing strategies for their clients, and their track record shows just how effective it is.

15 Feb

Zip International Reveal The Books That Successful Entrepreneurs Recommend


Increasing numbers of people are discovering the benefits that being an entrepreneur can bring, but when they first start, it can be difficult to know where to turn. Who has the answers, and who can guide them on the road to success? Finding a business mentor can help, but business books are also a great source of information and inspiration, which is why they’re becoming increasingly popular. London Loves Business recently revealed The books the world’s most successful entrepreneurs read. Here, Zip International reviews the article, and consider the benefits of a good, educational book.

“Reading a good development or business book is like reading personal advice from some of the brightest minds in the business world to date,” said Kai Petrich, director of Zip International. “Books on business are some of the best-selling books of all, which shows just how many people are in business or thinking of entering it. If you’re looking for inspiration on the road to becoming an entrepreneur, then the books on this list are a great place to start.”

The article lists the twelve books in which have been read the most by entrepreneurs this year, no contest as each book is as informative as the other. The first book on the list is dedicated to the business women of today, in a humorous and informative way the book offers advice for females in the workplace and delves into related issues such as the glass ceiling. ‘Bossy Pants’ by Tina Fay,  this book is described as ‘hilarious as well as important’,  a must read for business women.

‘The Innovator’s Dilemma’ by Clayton M Christensen and read by renowned entrepreneur Steve Jobs, this book looks at why most companies miss out on new waves of innovation. It’s unsurprising that this book is a hit among entrepreneurs and managers. Another great title is  ‘Business Adventures‘ by John Brooks, this read is a favorite of genius Bill Gates, as he describes the book to be ‘As much about the strengths and weaknesses of leaders in challenging circumstances as it is about the particulars of one business or another.’

“Great list of books in this article, all of them winners in their own ways,” said managing director Kai Petrich of Zip International. “I particularly related to ‘Business Adventures’ by John Brooks, and I can really see Bill Gates point when he described the content of the book. Entrepreneurs, especially those running start up businesses, have to be prepared to face challenging circumstances, just like every other business, but you must overcome those hurdles in order to reap the big rewards.”

Zip International are direct marketing experts. Their bespoke campaigns help both new and experienced entrepreneurs reach their goals.

29 Jan

Zip Berkeley Review The Top Recommended Movies For Entrepreneurs


A large proportion of an entrepreneur’s mind is made up of creativity, the brain is always being imaginative and thinking in depth, categorizing emotions and whether their time and the situation is worth those feelings, will it help them or benefit them. Zip Berkeley look at this from a slightly different perspective and look at what movies entrepreneurs are spending their time watching, and whether or not there is a distinct pattern.

Movies evoke emotion in people, humor, anger, confusion, comfortability, and we know that entrepreneurs and individuals who have developed the ability to strategically choose their emotions and the situations they give feelings to. So is there a similarity between the movies that entrepreneurs will give two to three hours to and the emotions they are made to evoke? Here, Zip Berkely list the most watched films by several entrepreneurs.

I Am Legend

This movie is theoretically the life of an entrepreneur, if you actually scratch below the surface, you will see a man who has everything working against him, every day he has to face the worst obstacles imaginable, but he keeps fighting because he has his why. He has to keep trying and keep fighting in order to achieve what looks like the unachievable and achieve his goal. This is a great example of how entrepreneurs see things, how their perspective differs from everybody else.

The Social Network

Tells a story of the C.E.O of Facebook, it shows the journey that took Mark Zuckerberg for an idrea in a dorm room, to the dark areas of ideas being stolen, obstacles being thrown at them. A film about an entrepreneur is, of course, going to be watched by other entrepreneurs, and this movie is inspirational and informative.


This movie teaches us a lot about betrayal in business, you shouldn’t let this change your values or the way you think, but you should take more care and learn to read people a lot better. This movie triggers curiosity and strikes a chord with entrepreneurs who are going into business with somebody and creating partnerships.

Pursuit Of Happiness

Is a rag to riches story and a true story about Chris Gardener, it’s a raw and real movie which a lot of entrepreneurs can relate to. The film promotes selling, hustling, objection, passion, work ethic and hunger.


This movie is a good example of a production that isn’t directly about a salesman, or a corporate businessman, it’s about a guy who works in a bar who’s a dreamer, and there’s a huge romance plot. An entrepreneur will spend time watching this movie because it represents one mans dream and passion, not to have riches or fame, but to make a success doing what he is passionate about, and many entrepreneurs will relate to this.

15 Jan

Zip Berkeley Discuss Self Made Millionaire Emanuel “Manny” Hernandez

Nothing motivates an entrepreneur like hearing the stories of how another entrepreneur made their success and how they started out. Zip Berkeley recently read the story of ex Army veteran Emanuel “Manny” Hernandez, who went from street-corner water salesman to a self-made millionaire. Managing director Kai Petrich of Zip Berkeley read this entrepreneur’s story and was instantly inspired to share it with his team.

Emanuel “Manny” Hernandez grew up in a small town in Puerto Rico and speaking only a little English when he dropped out from middle school and dedicating his time to sell tires from his cousins’ store. Hernandez had known from a young age that he wasn’t meant to work to make somebody else’s dreams become a reality, he had always questioned the education system and knew he was capable of running his own show. Hernandez harnessed his entrepreneurial skills and had to put them to work when the economy went bust, and he was out of work, and he quickly realized that in a time where only high demand could make a profit, he would need to create money-making opportunities out of nothing. Hernandez took the streets, trying to sell bottled water for twelve hours in 110-degree heat.

It was this part of the story that really grabbed the attention of Kai Petrich and his team at Zip Berkeley. Kai explained how he regularly sees people doing this sort of thing, and he passes them feeling thankful for the career he has created for himself, but also feeling overcome with inspiration as he clearly sees the dedication and motivation and hunger for success that these entrepreneurs have. Hernandez later joined the US army and was deployed to combat in Afghanistan, while Hernandez proudly served his country, he always knew he was meant to create his own path. The army had made him feel under someone else’s order, which of course he understood was the system, but he felt like every move he made had to be done on a permission basis.

Hernandez returned home from the military with his entrepreneurial passion in full flame, ready to make moves and design his destiny. Thanks to a moment in the forces where he had an epiphany one day while helping a friend order a book online, and discovered Ebooks for the first time. It was this innovative concept that made Hernandez realize that the author had no overhead expenses, no inventory and no publishing house fees. The author could make a living by cutting out all the middle men. He knew from that moment that he could do it too.

After eight months of studying up on digital marketing, learning everything he possibly could and testing out different strategies, Hernandez had his first break and made $236. It was this part of Hernandez’s journey to success that opened the eyes to the team at Zip Berkeley as they knew it was more about his achievement than the figure he made. As self-starters themselves, they recognize the win of creating the reward for yourself is far greater than the importance of earning a significant figure.

It was the dedication and the will never to give up or be knocked down that made Emanuel “Manny” Hernandez the millionaire entrepreneur that he has become. Today, Hernandez generates more than six figures a month as the founder and CEO of the digital media company, Click Cash Marketing, Inc., which drives online traffic and lead generation for Fortune 500 companies. “I always had the dream of becoming a millionaire, not because I believe that money makes you happy, but because of the freedom that comes with that money,” Hernandez says today.

30 Dec

Zip Berkeley Announce Exciting Expansion To Canada

One of the most important parts to our business structure is our location. Our headquarters must represent our motto, as direct marketing specialists, we encourage the competition which our industry carries; therefore our location must be the hub of marketing. We must be on trend and keep up to date with all marketing trends, and our headquarters must also be up and coming, a place as aspiring as our business. More people are commuting on public transport more than ever, and our building must be readily available to these links and other Variables such as recruitment opportunities. We could go on and list an entire checklist to follow when choosing the right location for your business; however, Zip Berkeley have an exciting announcement to make.

Due to expansion and rapid growth, Zip Berkeley have taken the exciting opportunity to expand to Canada. Managing director of Zip Berkeley Kai Petrich feels extremely confident about the move “Berkeley was a fabulous city for us to begin our venture, but we are thrilled to be able to take our journey to the heart of Canada.” Their new location in Canada opens doors to handfuls of new opportunities such as marketing events and recruitment for example.

“Our client has shown such great confidence in us and our service, and this is an exciting time for us, day by day we grow to new lengths, which is why we have chosen to expand out to a bigger building in larger city” Kai Petrich explains. Market experts Zip Berkeley are leaders in their field, operating in the US they use direct marketing techniques to great success.

With a population of 35 million, Canada is an incredibly exciting location for Zip Berkeley and their clients. “We have been promoting their brand with direct marketing strategies for some time now, and so this new territory will give us the opportunity to attract new custom and recruitment in a fresh environment” explains Kai Petrich.

The direct marketing industry is in it’s prime and Zip Berkeley are recognized leaders in this field. Direct marketing continues to be at the epicenter for innovation and growth, giving Zip Berkeley the opportunity for expansion and creativity. “Zip Berkeley is growing in a fast paced and competitive industry, we are always trying and testing new marketing techniques, this is why we are excited about all of the new opportunities and things we are going to learn in Canada” explains Kai Petrich.

Zip Berkeley are expanding at an incredible pace, and the excitement runs high, and we are excited to see what happens in their next chapter in their new home in Canada. We wish Kai Petrich and the whole team at Zip Berkeley the best of luck and look forward to what’s to come.

08 Dec

Zip Berkeley Look At The Impact Of Trade Off’s

Business is all about making decisions, and adapting to change. As an entrepreneur there’ll be many occasions when a change presents itself, but which option should you take. Choosing the right option can provide a fast track to success, but sometimes things aren’t simply black or white. An article in Entrepreneur magazine looks at the impact of trade offs in business decision making. Here, Zip Berkeley review the article, and consider the importance of making bold decisions.

“There are decisions to be made in business every day, and it’s important to give the big decisions the attention that they deserve”, said Kai Petrich , director of Zip Berkeley. “Consider the impact that each choice could have on your business, and don’t let trade offs later on in the process hamper the benefits that your decision could bring.”

The article begins by taking a hypothetical situation. A fisher is at the end of a day fishing by a lake. They receive a message saying that fish are biting at the other side of the lake, but there’s only enough fuel in the boot to make the trip in one direction. Going to the other side of the lake will bring the benefits of an increased haul, but means that the fisher will have to row back. That’s the trade off. Decisions in business can often involve similar trade offs, where some factor has to be compromised or sacrificed to bring the chance of greater success.

Entrepreneurs should always be aware of trade offs in the decisions that they make. It’s easy to become too focused on one decision, and on the results that you’ve determined the decision will bring. In this way, they miss the sacrifices that will have to be made because of the trade offs that are inevitably involved. Spotting the trade offs early can help business owners make the most of all the challenges and opportunities that they face.

“Trade offs are a common element in every decision, but they may not be immediately obvious”, said Kai Petrich . “When making a decision, consider the impact that it could have on other aspects of your operations. It’s also important for entrepreneurs to be bold, rather than risk averse, and be prepared to go for the option that can bring the biggest rewards.”


28 Nov

Zip Berkeley Look at the Relationship Strategies In Business

In today’s economy, nothing puts you in a better financial position than a partnership with peers built on trust. However, many of today’s company owners and directors don’t understand the lost art of courting a partner. Zip Berkeley, a Berkeley marketing firm, explain that once you have set your sight on businesses or professionals, you’d like to partner with you need to court them as you would a partner when building a personal relationship. “In fact,” says Zip Berkeley ’s director and CEO Kai Petrich, “it is the same because you are building a relationship, albeit a professional relationship, that is based on the same principles any personal relationship is built on.”

The first thing Kai Petrich calls attention to is transparency. In any relationship the other person wants to be assured that you are who you say you are. You need to be transparent in all your dealings so that the relationship is rooted in trust. If you can’t trust your partner, who can you trust? That all comes about from being transparent and also from being honest. If you say you are going to do something, then make every effort to do it. Don’t promise the stars and deliver the moon.

“It just doesn’t work that way,” Kai Petrich says. “If you say you can deliver something by Monday of next week, then you had better be sure that you can deliver. Don’t ever make promises you know you can’t keep. Not only is this dishonest but unethical as well and partners will see right through the ruse in no time at all. When you are courting partners, let them see you are who you say you are and that you can do what you say you can do. That’s the basic foundation of any partnership, transparency, and honesty.”

From there Zip Berkeley says you also need to be accessible. No relationship can last if you are never there. If your partners can reach you when they need to and you engage on an open and honest level, you have the beginnings of a stable relationship. From there it blossoms as a profitable relationship based on shared passion.

Kai Petrich asks, “Can you see the likeness to developing personal relationships? Developing relationships with business partners are built on the same principles and if you want that relationship to last you will need to build it on transparency and honesty and be there for them when needed.” With a shared passion you can expect that relationship to grow stronger over time and both will benefit in the end.

08 Nov

Zip International Reveal Their Top Resource For Connecting

All startups will find their own ways of staying connected and communicating as a business, some will use emails, maybe create a group page on facebook, nowadays there are many ways of keeping everybody informed on the same platform. Managing Director Kai Petrich  of Zip International uncovers his top app when communicating with his workers.

We have all heard of Whatsapp right? A multi billion business and now the go-to for group messaging, with over 1 billion users logging in monthly, Whatsapp are now the favoured messaging app, over old fashioned text messaging and their competitor, Facebook Messenger. Zip International are an established direct marketing firm based in Berkeley and C.E.O Kai Petrich manages a group of marketing experts on a full time basis, being a tight knit bunch, they partake in many work socials, bonding exercises and chat on a regular basis. To maintain the social dynamics within the group, Kai sets up group chats for all event organising, news and updates which everybody needs to know, the app is also great for messaging from abroad, when Kai takes business trips, he can manage his business without the extra roaming charges.

“I have always used whatsapp for business, it’s the best and usually, the only way to get in touch with me, I can instantly respond and see when my messages have been sent, received and read. Not only do I utilise the app with my workers, but I have many other groups with my mentors, other CEO’s and contacts within the industry,” Kai explains “we can all keep on track of our production, send our figures collaboratively, it also encourages us to complete tasks on time, as nobody wants to be the guy who didn’t do their job well”.

Since 2009, Whatsapp have recruited an outstanding 1 billion users in 7 years, that’s an average of 47 billion messages being sent every day, the app has 1 billion group chats and we know Zip International are huge promoters of this function, and these figures are only going to increase.