29 Jan

Zip Berkeley Review The Top Recommended Movies For Entrepreneurs


A large proportion of an entrepreneur’s mind is made up of creativity, the brain is always being imaginative and thinking in depth, categorizing emotions and whether their time and the situation is worth those feelings, will it help them or benefit them. Zip Berkeley look at this from a slightly different perspective and look at what movies entrepreneurs are spending their time watching, and whether or not there is a distinct pattern.

Movies evoke emotion in people, humor, anger, confusion, comfortability, and we know that entrepreneurs and individuals who have developed the ability to strategically choose their emotions and the situations they give feelings to. So is there a similarity between the movies that entrepreneurs will give two to three hours to and the emotions they are made to evoke? Here, Zip Berkely list the most watched films by several entrepreneurs.

I Am Legend

This movie is theoretically the life of an entrepreneur, if you actually scratch below the surface, you will see a man who has everything working against him, every day he has to face the worst obstacles imaginable, but he keeps fighting because he has his why. He has to keep trying and keep fighting in order to achieve what looks like the unachievable and achieve his goal. This is a great example of how entrepreneurs see things, how their perspective differs from everybody else.

The Social Network

Tells a story of the C.E.O of Facebook, it shows the journey that took Mark Zuckerberg for an idrea in a dorm room, to the dark areas of ideas being stolen, obstacles being thrown at them. A film about an entrepreneur is, of course, going to be watched by other entrepreneurs, and this movie is inspirational and informative.


This movie teaches us a lot about betrayal in business, you shouldn’t let this change your values or the way you think, but you should take more care and learn to read people a lot better. This movie triggers curiosity and strikes a chord with entrepreneurs who are going into business with somebody and creating partnerships.

Pursuit Of Happiness

Is a rag to riches story and a true story about Chris Gardener, it’s a raw and real movie which a lot of entrepreneurs can relate to. The film promotes selling, hustling, objection, passion, work ethic and hunger.


This movie is a good example of a production that isn’t directly about a salesman, or a corporate businessman, it’s about a guy who works in a bar who’s a dreamer, and there’s a huge romance plot. An entrepreneur will spend time watching this movie because it represents one mans dream and passion, not to have riches or fame, but to make a success doing what he is passionate about, and many entrepreneurs will relate to this.

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