15 Jan

Zip Berkeley Discuss Self Made Millionaire Emanuel “Manny” Hernandez

Nothing motivates an entrepreneur like hearing the stories of how another entrepreneur made their success and how they started out. Zip Berkeley recently read the story of ex Army veteran Emanuel “Manny” Hernandez, who went from street-corner water salesman to a self-made millionaire. Managing director Kai Petrich of Zip Berkeley read this entrepreneur’s story and was instantly inspired to share it with his team.

Emanuel “Manny” Hernandez grew up in a small town in Puerto Rico and speaking only a little English when he dropped out from middle school and dedicating his time to sell tires from his cousins’ store. Hernandez had known from a young age that he wasn’t meant to work to make somebody else’s dreams become a reality, he had always questioned the education system and knew he was capable of running his own show. Hernandez harnessed his entrepreneurial skills and had to put them to work when the economy went bust, and he was out of work, and he quickly realized that in a time where only high demand could make a profit, he would need to create money-making opportunities out of nothing. Hernandez took the streets, trying to sell bottled water for twelve hours in 110-degree heat.

It was this part of the story that really grabbed the attention of Kai Petrich and his team at Zip Berkeley. Kai explained how he regularly sees people doing this sort of thing, and he passes them feeling thankful for the career he has created for himself, but also feeling overcome with inspiration as he clearly sees the dedication and motivation and hunger for success that these entrepreneurs have. Hernandez later joined the US army and was deployed to combat in Afghanistan, while Hernandez proudly served his country, he always knew he was meant to create his own path. The army had made him feel under someone else’s order, which of course he understood was the system, but he felt like every move he made had to be done on a permission basis.

Hernandez returned home from the military with his entrepreneurial passion in full flame, ready to make moves and design his destiny. Thanks to a moment in the forces where he had an epiphany one day while helping a friend order a book online, and discovered Ebooks for the first time. It was this innovative concept that made Hernandez realize that the author had no overhead expenses, no inventory and no publishing house fees. The author could make a living by cutting out all the middle men. He knew from that moment that he could do it too.

After eight months of studying up on digital marketing, learning everything he possibly could and testing out different strategies, Hernandez had his first break and made $236. It was this part of Hernandez’s journey to success that opened the eyes to the team at Zip Berkeley as they knew it was more about his achievement than the figure he made. As self-starters themselves, they recognize the win of creating the reward for yourself is far greater than the importance of earning a significant figure.

It was the dedication and the will never to give up or be knocked down that made Emanuel “Manny” Hernandez the millionaire entrepreneur that he has become. Today, Hernandez generates more than six figures a month as the founder and CEO of the digital media company, Click Cash Marketing, Inc., which drives online traffic and lead generation for Fortune 500 companies. “I always had the dream of becoming a millionaire, not because I believe that money makes you happy, but because of the freedom that comes with that money,” Hernandez says today.

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