30 Dec

Zip Berkeley Announce Exciting Expansion To Canada

One of the most important parts to our business structure is our location. Our headquarters must represent our motto, as direct marketing specialists, we encourage the competition which our industry carries; therefore our location must be the hub of marketing. We must be on trend and keep up to date with all marketing trends, and our headquarters must also be up and coming, a place as aspiring as our business. More people are commuting on public transport more than ever, and our building must be readily available to these links and other Variables such as recruitment opportunities. We could go on and list an entire checklist to follow when choosing the right location for your business; however, Zip Berkeley have an exciting announcement to make.

Due to expansion and rapid growth, Zip Berkeley have taken the exciting opportunity to expand to Canada. Managing director of Zip Berkeley Kai Petrich feels extremely confident about the move “Berkeley was a fabulous city for us to begin our venture, but we are thrilled to be able to take our journey to the heart of Canada.” Their new location in Canada opens doors to handfuls of new opportunities such as marketing events and recruitment for example.

“Our client has shown such great confidence in us and our service, and this is an exciting time for us, day by day we grow to new lengths, which is why we have chosen to expand out to a bigger building in larger city” Kai Petrich explains. Market experts Zip Berkeley are leaders in their field, operating in the US they use direct marketing techniques to great success.

With a population of 35 million, Canada is an incredibly exciting location for Zip Berkeley and their clients. “We have been promoting their brand with direct marketing strategies for some time now, and so this new territory will give us the opportunity to attract new custom and recruitment in a fresh environment” explains Kai Petrich.

The direct marketing industry is in it’s prime and Zip Berkeley are recognized leaders in this field. Direct marketing continues to be at the epicenter for innovation and growth, giving Zip Berkeley the opportunity for expansion and creativity. “Zip Berkeley is growing in a fast paced and competitive industry, we are always trying and testing new marketing techniques, this is why we are excited about all of the new opportunities and things we are going to learn in Canada” explains Kai Petrich.

Zip Berkeley are expanding at an incredible pace, and the excitement runs high, and we are excited to see what happens in their next chapter in their new home in Canada. We wish Kai Petrich and the whole team at Zip Berkeley the best of luck and look forward to what’s to come.

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