08 Nov

Zip International Reveal Their Top Resource For Connecting

All startups will find their own ways of staying connected and communicating as a business, some will use emails, maybe create a group page on facebook, nowadays there are many ways of keeping everybody informed on the same platform. Managing Director Kai Petrich  of Zip International uncovers his top app when communicating with his workers.

We have all heard of Whatsapp right? A multi billion business and now the go-to for group messaging, with over 1 billion users logging in monthly, Whatsapp are now the favoured messaging app, over old fashioned text messaging and their competitor, Facebook Messenger. Zip International are an established direct marketing firm based in Berkeley and C.E.O Kai Petrich manages a group of marketing experts on a full time basis, being a tight knit bunch, they partake in many work socials, bonding exercises and chat on a regular basis. To maintain the social dynamics within the group, Kai sets up group chats for all event organising, news and updates which everybody needs to know, the app is also great for messaging from abroad, when Kai takes business trips, he can manage his business without the extra roaming charges.

“I have always used whatsapp for business, it’s the best and usually, the only way to get in touch with me, I can instantly respond and see when my messages have been sent, received and read. Not only do I utilise the app with my workers, but I have many other groups with my mentors, other CEO’s and contacts within the industry,” Kai explains “we can all keep on track of our production, send our figures collaboratively, it also encourages us to complete tasks on time, as nobody wants to be the guy who didn’t do their job well”.

Since 2009, Whatsapp have recruited an outstanding 1 billion users in 7 years, that’s an average of 47 billion messages being sent every day, the app has 1 billion group chats and we know Zip International are huge promoters of this function, and these figures are only going to increase.

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